If you live in Florida, the Carolinas, or any other area that is subject to hurricanes and tropical storms, you need to be sure that you are doing everything that you can to safeguard your roof. The more preventative measures that you take in safeguarding your roof, the better chance you will have to avoid expensive damage to your home. In this regard, you can prevent your roof from experiencing hurricane damage by following the tips below. 

#1: Call In A Contractor To Fortify The Roof Before Hurricane Season

 The best time to get preventative care on your roof is in the off-season before hurricane season arrives. The reason for this is that you will beat the rush and will be able to get roofing contractors to give you preventative maintenance at a reasonable cost. They will be able to retrofit your roof and fortify it so that it is prepared for rain, wind, hail, and any other damage that comes with hurricanes. The cost to retrofit a roof in most cases is between $40 and $80 per hour, so you will need to reach out to contractors who can give you labor rates that fit your budget.

#2: Take Care Of Surrounding Trees

 One of the biggest hazards during a hurricane is the prospect of having a tree fall onto your house and crush your roof. This can damage your property and harm people who live inside. Because of this, you should also call in a tree service professional to trim or chop down a tree before hurricane season arrives. This way, you will feel safe inside of your home while weathering the storm. The cost to have a tree professional trim your trees will cost between $75 and $1000.

#3: Make Sure You Have Your Insurance Current

Finally, make sure that your homeowner's insurance is up to date and able to cover you. Roofing repairs after a hurricane can be expensive, so the more insurance you have, the better chance you will have to file a claim. On average, it will cost you approximately $650 to handle any sort of roof repair that a hurricane may cause. It would behoove you to already have a rapport with a roofing contractor before the hurricane arrives, so that you know exactly who to call. You can also make sure ahead of time that they accept your homeowners insurance policy.

 Consider these tips and contact a roofing contractor like Desert Roofing today.