Finding out that a new roof is needed is a painful experience for any homeowner. Not only is replacing the roof a process that often involves several days and some major cleanup afterward, but it is also one of the biggest maintenance expenses homeowners typically encounter during the years they own the home. Even worse, homeowners who plan to stay in their homes for many years can look forward to having to replace shingles every couple of decades, as well as deal with the occasional damaged or missing shingle. If your home has a shingled roof that will need to be replaced soon, you may want to consider leaving shingles behind and opting for a sleek, new metal roof, instead.

Metal roofs can offer a lifetime of use

For homeowners who are nearing middle age, the fifty or more year life span of the average metal roof can mean that replacing their home's roof will likely be needed only once in their lifetime. This length of use can translate into thousands of dollars saved over the cost of replacing shingles and other less durable roofing materials. 

Metal roofs can offer protection from wildfire

Recent wildfires in Oklahoma and Tennessee, as well as frequent fires in western and southwestern states have caused the loss of thousands of homes throughout these regions. Winds commonly associated with wildfires frequently contribute to home losses during these fires when hot ash and cinders fall onto flammable roofing materials where they often smolder and then set fire to the home. Homes that have the protection of a metal roof will not be as susceptible to this type of threat as those that do not. 

Metal roofs can represent savings for the homeowner in multiple ways

Cost is often the most critical factor in determining what type of home improvement project or material the homeowner decides to use. When selecting metal roofing, not only is the total cost of the materials and installation in line with shingles, but metal roofing can also mean that homeowners save money on: 

  • roof maintenance and repairs over the entire time span they live in the home
  • homeowners insurance premiums
  • utility bills due to the reflective qualities of some metal roofing products

Now that you know about all the benefits of a metal roof, take time to speak with a metal roof company such as BCI Metal Roofing to get more specific details about cost, installation time frames, and other valid reasons for making the switch from shingles to metal on your roof.