You want the outside of your home to look just as good as the inside, and a focus on curb appeal is how you can accomplish this. When working towards this goal, make sure you aren't adding pressure washing your siding to your to-do the list. In theory, this sounds like an efficient and practical way to clean your home's exterior, but this practice can lead to extensive damage.

Loose Siding

Siding is meant to be durable; however, when it's on the receiving end of a pressure washer, this is not always the case. The high-powered water is often enough to dent the siding and in some instances, enough to dislodge it or knock it off completely.

When your siding is loose, this can cause a domino-like effect. Since the panels are somewhat interconnected, one piece of loose siding makes it easier and more likely that one of the surrounding pieces will also become loose. Before you know it, you will have a large area with missing or loose panels, which can look bad and be costly to repair.

Water Damage

You can also sustain significant water damage when pressure washing your home. Siding is waterproof; however, the same thing can't always be said when it comes to the layers just below the siding. If the siding is even knocked just slightly loose this leaves room for water to penetrate these under-layers.

Since you can't exactly see them from the outside, you might be unaware that water is collecting behind the siding and causing damage, including wood damage, mold, and mildew growth. Water damage has the potential to negatively effect the structural integrity of your home and in the case of mold growth, introduce negative health implications.  

When Your Siding Is Damaged

If you learned about the negative effects of power washing siding after you actually performed the process, at the very least you should have the siding inspected. Sure, if you see some of the panels are damaged or physically loose, you know you have a problem. However, an inspection will help identify any less obvious problems and ensure the siding is intact.

Just because you shouldn't use a high-powered pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home, this doesn't mean you have to leave it dirty. There are siding professionals that can use more effective and less damaging ways to clean your siding. Make sure you're relying on these practices and seeking siding repair promptly.