After a storm comes through and causes extensive damage, you will want to do damage control for your home. Emergency roof repairs will save your home from extensive water damage and more costly repairs. You may only need to patch the roof or install a shingle or two. When there is extensive damage to your roof, install a tarp quickly to protect your home from further damage. Here are some tips that will help you with emergency repairs and damage control for your home:

1. Patching the Small Roof Damage Caused by Debris

A lot of damage that is on roofs after storms are caused by debris. Any loose debris gets picked up by the wind and can cause impact damage to the roof of your home. Sometimes, this damage may only be small punctures in the shingles. To quickly seal the leaks and complete emergency repairs to prevent further damage to your home, use roofing cement to cover any areas that show signs of impacts. This is something that you will want to do even if the shingles are eventually going to be replaced. Patching the damage will keep the water out until a roofing contractor can get to your home to complete repairs.

2. Replacing Missing and Wind Damaged Shingles

The wind not only picks up loose debris that can damage your roof; it also can lift the shingles off your roof and cause damage. The wind damaged shingles should be replaced to prevent your roof from leaking. Inspect your roof for any areas with missing shingles that need to be replaced. If there is a large area of missing shingles, then it is better to contact a roofing contractor and install a tarp on your roof for an emergency solution to the damage.

3. Installing and Emergency Tarp to Protect your Home from Further Damage

The last step in emergency repairs is installing tarps where needed. If there are areas of your roof with extensive damage that cannot be easily repaired, cover them with tarps to prevent leaks and water damage. It is better to use several small tarps than one giant tarp to ensure they do not blow away in the wind. Contact a roofing service like Alaka'i Raingutters & Supplies to talk with them about help with the installation of tarps for your roof damage emergency.

These are some tips that will help you with emergency damage control for your roof. Contact a roofing contractor to get help with repairs and inspecting your roof for problems that need to be repaired to prevent further damage to your home.