Your home's roof may be something you don't pay attention to until it needs repair.  Unfortunately, that's the wrong way to go about roof maintenance.  Ignoring maintenance can cause you to pay a lot of money for an expensive repair when a little bit of attention can prevent things from going wrong.  Here are some tips about basic maintenance that will keep your roof in great shape:

Clean The Gutters

The gutter along the top of your home may be slightly below the roof line, but they actually affect the structure of the roof too.  Gutters need to have a clear path so water can flow to the downspouts. If they are filled with dirt and debris, the water will rise and eventually seep underneath the bottom row of shingles. The problem with wet shingles on a roof is that the sheathing will start to absorb the water and eventually rot, which causes water to get into your home's attic.  

Cleaning your gutter depends on how much debris falls into them.  If you have a lot of trees, you may need to clean them out several times a year.  At the very least, have the gutters cleaned in the fall after all of the leaves have fallen off the nearby trees.  Don't be afraid to get out a ladder and take a peek at how much debris is in the gutters since it is always better to do preemptive cleaning if it looks like they are getting filled.

Prevent Moss Growth

Do those trees also cause a portion of the roof to be covered with shade for most of the day?  This can create the perfect conditions needed for moss growth.  Moss loves to grow in places where it is wet and shaded, which will easily happen after a recent rainfall.  If the moss is ignored, it can cause your roofing material to rot and allow water to get inside your home.

If possible, trim nearby tree branches that are creative shade on your roof all day long.  If there are simply too many trees, you could have a metal roof cap installed. This cap is placed at the peak of a roof and causes zinc to flow down a roof every time it rains.  The zinc will kill any moss growth before it begins, keeping your home safe.  

These tips will help prevent your roof from becoming damaged and keep the inside of your attic dry. Contact local roofing contractors for more information and assistance.