If you are building a high value home and you want to use materials that will last for decades so you aren't dealing with repairs and replacement costs while you live at the property, there are some great materials that are smart investments. When it comes to picking out the roof of the home, you want to pick a material that is robust and reliable, even if the better roofing option costs more than what is traditionally put on houses. One of the best options to consider is slate, and here's why.

Slate Can Outlast the Property

As opposed to a roofing material that will fade, leak, weaken, and wear over time, slate will last. You can rely on a slate roof to last a century if it is taken care of properly, which is most likely longer than you will be the owner of the property. Choosing a material with this type of longevity also helps to improve the value of the property after construction is completed.

Slate Is Safe

Slate protects the home and those inside it from many things. It gets the top fire safety rating that can be administrated, you don't have to worry about water damage weakening the structure of the roof or creating mold, and the slate is impact resistant to help protect the house from fallen trees or high winds. If you are building your dream home, why not choose materials that will keep you safe and protect your investment?

Slate Is an Eco-friendly Material

Slate isn't a material that has to be ripped off the house every couple of decades, to then get tossed in a landfill. Companies also don't waste any type of fossil fuels or materials that aren't recyclable creating the sheets for the roof. Instead, you get a solid slate stone roof that won't damage the property after the roof is no longer needed.

Slate isn't just going to be a strong and great material to help improve the home, but the look of slate is complimentary to the home. You will want to find construction professionals in the roofing industry that are experienced when it comes to working with slate roofs on large properties to be sure that the construction of the house can bear the weight and to ensure that the roof will be created and installed properly. Get quotes and find the best professional for the job. Contact companies like Three Rivers Roofing to learn more.