Spring is a great time to have your commercial roof inspected and cleaned. It is a good time to see if your roof was damaged at all during the winter weather, and it is a great time to clean debris off your roof.

Clean Your Gutters & Your Roof

The first thing that should happen during your cleaning and inspection is your gutters should be cleaned. Over the course of the winter, lots of leaves and other debris can get into your gutters. This can clog up your gutters, which will lead to water flowing over the edge of your gutters and down the side of your building.

This can compromise your building. It can also result in customers getting wet from dripping gutters, which is not a pleasant experience. No one wants to get hit from dripping water from the roof. When it is actually raining, this could lead to a rush of water over the edge of your gutters, once again not safe for the people down below.

Next, any debris that has gotten onto your roof should be removed. Debris can be carried by the wind and storms onto your roof. Debris can result in water building up on your roof, damaging the tile and structure. It should be carefully removed by a local professional roofing service.

Inspect for Damage

Finally, your roof should be carefully inspected. The tile on your roof should be inspected, and any loose tile or damage foam should be identified and repaired. The condition of the seal around anything protruding onto your roof should be checked to ensure that water cannot leak around it, and should be repaired if the seal is old or damaged.

Your gutters should be inspected to make sure that they are hanging properly and have not separated at the seams. Your downspouts should be inspected to ensure that they are secure against your building, and not clogged up.

An inspection should let you know the overall state of your roof and should identify any preventative maintenance that needs done on your roof. Depending on the time and cost of the preventative maintenance, it may take place the same day.

Make sure that you hire local commercial roofing services this spring. Your commercial roof protects your entire building, and helps your building maintain its overall health, so make sure that you are taking proper care of your roof.