Spring is a great time to get up on your roof and check things out and make sure that your roof doesn't need any repairs. There are a few different areas of your roof that you should check in the springtime to see if any repairs are needed.

1. Check the Gutters

The first place you need to check is your gutters. Make sure that your gutters are clipped in place and attached to your home. If the gutters get loose, they could get damaged. Sometimes the clips that hold your gutters next to your home get damaged; when that happens, you need to purchase new clips so that your gutter is secured to your home.

Once you make sure that your gutters are securely in place, you are going to then want to clean out the gutters. Scoop out any debris that has accumulated in them since you last cleaned them. 

Make sure that the downspouts are secured to your house as well, and that the downspouts point in the right direction to flow into your drainage system.

2. Check the Shingles

Second, check the singles on your roof. Look and see if any shingles were blown off your roof in a winter storm. If you find any shingles that were blown off your roof in a winter storm, you are going to want to replace those shingles right away. 

Next, look and see any shingles are loose or damaged. Again, those shingles should be replaced to ensure that your roof continues to maintain its waterproof protection.

3. Check the Vents

Third, check around any vents, pipes, or chimneys on your roof. Make sure that the seal that connects the vents and pipes to your home is well-sealed and tight. Over time, it is common for the sealant to wear away. If it looks like there could be space around your pipes and vents where water could get in and cause damage, you are going to want to deal with that right away. 

You can replace the covers that go over your vents and pipes with new covers. When the covers are replaced, the shingles around the vents and pipes are usually replaced as well to ensure that a tight seal is maintained.

Spend some time this spring checking your roof and identifying any necessary repairs. You can complete simple repairs yourself, or you can hire a local roofing company to come out and fix any issues that you find with your roof. Simple repairs can generally be completed in a matter of hours by a professional roofing company. 

For more information, contact your local roofing contractors.